Saturday, 8 March 2014

{Life Purpose}

A while back I was part of a focus group with social entrepreneur and Healing Mum, Kelly Niven.

Kelly's website has since changed from Healing Mum and you can now find her at Life Is Now. She has also written a book, The Key to Mental Health. Kelly has a number of posts on her site that I've found interesting, including 14 Important Life Lessons to Teach My Children and The Truth of Finding Happiness. Kelly was a source of great inspiration for me whilst I was going through a very difficult time.

Anyway, during the focus group Kelly asked us to reflect on 10 questions to understand our life purpose. I found it really insightful at the time, and the other evening I was clearing out my office space and I discovered these pages with my answers. I thought it might be interesting to share the questions and my answers here. These are my exact answers from 2 years ago, and I thought I could then revisit the questions with my answers from now.

"Despite what you may previously have been led to believe, life is not meant to be difficult, complex or a struggle. Many of us have spent years chasing money or status in the corporate world but what are we giving up in the process? What are we chasing?" Kelly Niven

1. If you didn't need to worry about money, what would you do all day long?

Be there for the school run; have fun with the children; be a housewife; bake cakes; enjoy lunches with friends; work from home

2. What are your favourite activities? When you lose track of time?

Internet shopping; baking; writing on my blog; Pinterest; interior design

3. Who do you love spending your time with the most? What qualities and values do these people possess? You can be sure these are qualities that are developing in you too.

Bex (The Olive Dragonfly) - enthusiasm for life
Claire - very practical and great problem solver. Good at giving advice
Ailsa (Perth Mummy) - fun

4. What makes you feel good about yourself?

After a long run.
Having had my hair and make-up done.

5. What are your greatest strengths/qualities? If you are not sure, ask those closest to you that will give you an honest opinion.

Honest; thoughtful; friendly; helpful; creative; organised

6. What has been your roadmap to date? What have been the major twists/turns/learning points? What have you learned that you could share with others?

Moving abroad; mum dying; diagnosed with Crohn's Disease; premature baby; marriage breakdown

7. What message do you have to share? What makes you angry or gives you fire in your belly? What would you like to change?

(I didn't answer this one for some reason...)

8. What do you value most in life, what is important to you?

Friends and Family
Health & Fitness
(& a designer handbag!!)

9. Who is your biggest inspiration? What do they do or what message do they share that you strongly admire?

Kelly Niven, "Life should be amazing"

10. Fast forward to the future, you are on your death bed and reflecting on your life. What have been the most important things that you have accomplished and achieved? What have been the most important relationships? What is your biggest priority?

Happy & healthy home/children
Biggest priority - children


  1. This is wonderful, soul searching indeed, I must write a post on it some time, will link back to you, of course. I have no flipping answer to number 5 , I think that's a Scottish thing.

    1. Would love to hear your thoughts on the questions. Definitely a Scottish thing for Number 5! x


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