Wednesday, 19 February 2014

{Why I'm #Groovy}

Joining in again with Kate on Thin Ice's Groovy Mums linky...

This week Kate has asked us to speak to our kids to discover what makes us groovy.

I'm a bit late at joining in as the kids have been with their dad and I didn't get them back to mine until this afternoon. I wasn't even sure that they'd understand what I meant when I said 'Is your mum groovy?'. The littlest immediately said 'yes', but then when I asked her if she knew what it meant she said no!

So instead I asked what makes your mummy cool, and this was their response:

'You are very funny and make us laugh the most.

Because you are good.'

What am I good at doing, I asked? 

'Cooking. Making cakes. Making dinner. Crafts. Painting. And making party stuff.

You helped me with the Lego computer game and I completed the level.'

I asked if I look cool, and I was told no. I do however look pretty, their words not mine. Apparently when I wear a dress I look pretty and when I wear trousers, a t-shirt or jeans I look cool.

So there you have it. Why I'm cool by my 4.5 year old son and my daughter, who will be 3 in April!


  1. Lovely list and I bet every one is very true too.
    Strange and meaningful that so many of our children are saying their Mums are pretty when we all look very different. May have to rebrand groovy as pretty lol. Enjoyed reading this post

  2. The little ones are so sweet with their comments :)


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