Saturday, 8 February 2014

{There's an App for that}

This week I was on a business trip to Stockholm.

Ready for dinner in Stockholm

I flew with British Airways, and had downloaded their iPhone app which allowed me to keep track of my scheduled flights, of which I had 4 - Glasgow to London City to Arlanda and back!

Anyway, I'm amazed at how easy it was... It's been 4 years since I was last on a plane, and things have changed since then.

I didn't need to print any documentation - my boarding card was on my phone and it was scanned at the desk. Simple! (I didn't trust the system on the way out, so still printed the hard copy, but solely used my iPhone app on the way back!). I didn't have any luggage to check in, as I was literally there for an evening meal and then a day of meetings before coming home. I went straight from the taxi to security to the gate to the plane. Hardly any queues and limited hanging around. Result!

I also didn't take any currency with me. Usually I'm faffing around trying to get a good exchange rate etc etc., but because I wasn't there for long and the taxis in Sweden accept credit cards... that's all I needed.

And then when I landed back in Glasgow (when it was permissible to use mobile phones again), whilst still on the plane I used the Hampden Taxi app to book my taxi so that when I walked out of the terminal building and across to the car park, the taxi was there and I didn't have to hang around.

The only thing that I wasn't impressed with was the food. Yes, my flight from London City to Arlanda was only two hours, but this was the measly sandwich we were given. It was tiny!

I can't get over how useful my smart phone is, and how did I ever manage without one!!

What other apps would you recommend that I check out?


  1. I think you might like the A Beautiful Mess App for pimping photos for your blog etc.

    1. Ah, I already have this one. Very good shout :-) I just need to use it a bit more often!! x


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