Tuesday, 28 January 2014

{#JanuaryJoy - treat yourself}

This weekend I treated myself to a new sofa from Marks and Spencer. It was the last weekend of their sale, and I didn't want to miss out so I headed into town to make my purchase.

I was in dire need of a sofa bed for my living room as I don't have a spare bedroom in the new house as it's much smaller. I was perhaps being a bit fussy though as I didn't want any old sofa bed... I wanted one that was going to match in with my current soft furnishings (I can't afford to change the curtains, which are a brown flock design) & furniture (I have a pink/purple feature armchair in the room) and I also needed one that was going to be comfortable to sleep on for my guests.

I chose the Fenton Medium Sofa Bed in Plum, reduced to £909 from £1299.

It's not the grey chesterfield sofa bed that I had originally dreamed of, but this sofa bed is practical (colour is dark enough to mask any stains from grubby kiddie handprints!) and I think it was reasonable in terms of cost versus comfort. It's so nice to sit on in comparison to the Ikea one I'm currently borrowing from my sister. And it will tone nicely with the armchair that I have from made.com.

Next on my list for the living room is to paint the walls a slate blue colour (my sister gave me B&Q vouchers for my birthday this month) and the next big purchases will hopefully be a carpet and a log fire!

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