Monday, 27 January 2014

{#JanuaryJoy - tidy up}

Today's #JanuaryJoy prompt is to 'tidy up'.

I'm taking this to mean a few things...tidy up the house & get organised...tidy up my mind & get motivated for the year ahead...and tidy up my appearance.

Here are my thoughts on each:

1. Continue to declutter the house - in particular tackling the main areas prone to getting desk, my walk-in cupboard, the shed/out-house and on top of my microwave (dumping ground for mail etc!). I bought two pieces if furniture from Gumtree last week & as such I've now got a few extra drawers to store my bits & pieces.

My £15 mahogany chest of drawers
My £10 mahogany tall boy!

The mess that has collected on top of the microwave!

2. This month I ended my relationship with my counsellor. After 7 months, I feel ready to go it alone.

Lots for me to think about & one thing I am going to take on board is writing stuff down in a book rather than e-lists. Hopefully it'll let me keep a clear head!

Susan's parting words to me were 'Enjoy Life' and I intend on doing just that.

3. I'm currently sat at my desk feeling like a plucked chicken! I hate getting waxed - it hurts like hell, but as awful as this may be, I do feel more confident when I'm waxed, nails polished & hair done. I've been a bit rubbish at keeping my nails done, which I'm annoyed about because for a while I was really good and kept my nails looking lovely for ages (as part of my 35 at 35 list).

My recommendation would be Stephanie at Beauty in the Basement, Kano. I occasionally get gelish nails done and Stephanie is brilliant. She's the only beautician I have used who's gelish nails last for over a week, sometimes 10 days. Other places I've been to, at least one of the nails starts to peel off after a couple of days. Stephanie's spray tans are also brilliant. She also does 'Tuesday Treats' and runs some really good deals. Definitely one for Glasgow Southsiders to check out :)

I'm also linking up with Kate on Thin Ice's #groovymums blog linky... making small steps to improve my life.


  1. Good Luck with the next chapter.
    Liking your furniture finds.
    In my house any surface ends up like your microwave - quite overwhelming sometimes

  2. Glad your doing well and well done on that bargain furniture! #Groovymums


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