Friday, 31 January 2014

{#JanuaryJoy - clear out}

It's the last Florence Finds #JanuaryJoy prompt, which is 'clear out'.

Over the last few years I've minimised my clothing & accessories and successfully completed Project 333; I've decluttered the house (including the kids toys and my kitchen) because last year I moved from a sizeable 5 bedroom mid-terrace property into a more reasonable 3 bedroom semi and in the process I've sold a number of pieces of furniture on Gumtree and still have a few more things to clear out. I also gave a number of boxes of 'stuff' to my dad's wife Jo who has taken everything to a car boot sale for me.

I actually don't think there's much more for me to clear! Yay!!

One thing I know I need to work on is my digital hoarding... I have so many photographs it's unreal and I could be done with spending some time to ditch the rubbish ones and organise the good ones. Something to go on the to-do-list.

So, that's it... I hope you've enjoyed reading my #JanuaryJoy posts. I've certainly enjoyed writing them.

Can you believe it's nearly February already!!!??!!

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