Tuesday, 14 January 2014

{#JanuaryJoy - celebrate your family}

Today is a big day in the Glasgow Mummy house...

Not only is it my 32nd birthday, but this afternoon was registration for my son going to school in August this year.

It fits quite well with today's Florence Finds #JanuaryJoy prompt which is to 'celebrate your family'.

My wee boy is getting so grown up...even on a day-to-day basis I notice big differences in his appearance & behaviour. He's definitely not a baby or toddler anymore.

Everyone said enjoy the younger years but I had such a tough first year that I honestly didn't enjoy it all that much. 

When he was a baby I had in my head it would get easier when he reached 3 months...most people seemed to say that would be the turning point. But it didn't get better...

Brand new in the neonatal unit - he was 7 weeks early.

Looking angelic at a month old

And then I thought things might get a bit easier when he was weaned onto solids... but again, it didn't.

 It wasn't always smiles!! There were a lot of tears during year one, from him and me!
Then I thought to myself it's bound to get easier when he can sit & crawl by himself... which thankfully it did. But it took that whole first year for his behaviour and mood to change. (I reckon he had an underlying tummy discomfort, maybe associated with his prematurity and pyloric stenosis.)

I wished the time away. 

And now my baby is 4 and a half years old & he's no longer my baby.

He's a proper wee boy & I can't believe its time to register him for school....I mean, school!!!!!! Just seems so surreal!

As well as Florence Find's #JanuaryJoy, I'm linking up with Groovy Mums.

Kate's listed a few questions over on her post this week and I hope that this post goes someway to answer Question 3 'What do I want to get out of life in 2014?'.

I simply want to enjoy every minute!


  1. Happy Birthday! Beautiful photo of you all in the heart x

  2. I had to register Lucy yesterday - made me want to cry! Xxx

  3. That's a very lovely post. I too now look back and wish I had treasured their younger moments more. A good lesson for us all but not always easy with the challenges parenting and life throws our way.
    Love the pics. Can't help thinking about a certain idiot and what he threw away

  4. I love your photos. All of them, but especially the top one. It shows such love.
    Make the most of this last year - Just one term in, my son has changed so much. x

  5. A lovely post! I too want to be happier and enjoy every moment this year. I'm sure it is more than achievable! xx

  6. That is a great goal. I know what you mean about wishing the time away, it goes way too fast.


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