Thursday, 12 December 2013

{#ShareAdvent - "Maybe Christmas, he thought, doesn't come from a store"}

Today's #ShareAdvent prompt comes from The Grinch...

Hear, Hear!!

I love this time of year because (the majority of) people are enjoying themselves, smiling, laughing and spending lots of time with family, friends and other special persons ;-)

We had a festive afternoon tea party at the weekend, which I'm going to share in a separate blog post as I've managed to check off another item off my 35 at 35 list! Yay!!

But it got me thinking of other ideas for having festive parties...

It's National Christmas Jumper Day tomorrow, so why not throw an 'Ugly Sweater' party! This could be purely for the grown ups, but would equally work well for a family party I think! If you were going all out, you could even invite Social and Cocktail over and I'm sure they could easily whip up some festive cocktails that would suit the occasion! I'm putting this on my to-do-list for next year!

Or perhaps a stylish hot chocolate party? I'm a big fan of hot chocolate!! {image source}

Serve hot chocolate in little glass milk bottles dressed up to look like snowmen... tres cute and perfect for a family soiree! 

My last suggestion is a Christmas movie night, with popcorn in clear plastic cups, again to look like snowmen! Ideal for a family night in... {image source}


  1. I love the party ideas! I plan / want to do some in 2014... maybe kick start a social life and get some friends ha! We're doing Christmas Jumper day in work tomorrow... look out for the dodgy photos! x

  2. A Hot Chocolate party?! Now you are talking! Love those Snowman milk bottles with their scarves, so cute :)! Think I might do that next year, thanks for sharing :). Xx


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