Monday, 16 December 2013

{#ShareAdvent - make a date with yourself}

Today's prompt for #ShareAdvent, make a date with yourself, has come with perfect timing.

At this present moment in time, I'm on a mini-break with my amazing boyfriend and I've scheduled this post in advance knowing that my internet signal is going to be poor!

I've been swamped with so many things lately... juggling work, the new house (with a leaking pipe that's meant water has seeped from the bedroom into my room below, and a roof that's now in need of repair after the high winds), buying a sensible & economical car (which I'll hopefully get this week) and the ongoing divorce that I just needed some time away to relax.

Cue R, who has treated me to two nights away in a fancy hotel. Perfect :-)

I'm coming back to Glasgow today and I'll hopefully be refreshed and raring to go. I've still got Christmas cards to write and post, presents to buy as well as all the stuff listed above... I'm keeping my fingers crossed that everything just falls into place. What are the chances?

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