Tuesday, 17 December 2013

{#ShareAdvent - feed the birds}

Today's #ShareAdvent prompt is 'feed the birds'.

I'm no gardener, as you will know, but I've decided to use this prompt and write about getting your garden ready for winter.

The garden in my new house is much smaller and I'm planning on maintaining it by myself. I used to have a gardener, but not any more...

Anyway, from the reading I've done, here's what I believe needs to be done with your garden before the weather really turns for the worst (there's been snow in Glasgow already so I am probably a bit late with this post...oops!).

  • Collect all the fallen leaves and stick them into a compost bin if you have one.

  • Similarly, dig up any annuals that have past their best and fling them to compost too.

  • If you've got grass, give it a good rake and stick down some fertiliser.

  • Prune any plants that require it.

  • Make sure any garden furniture is brought inside into a shed or garage, or like me if you've no space to store it then at least make sure it's covered up. I bought a great cover for my table and chair set on Amazon.

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