Thursday, 5 December 2013

{#ShareAdvent - Been putting this off}

Today's #ShareAdvent prompt is "been putting this off".

I've been putting off... dealing with my finances.

In January I had a plan of action to look at my budget and make a savings plan. By March I was doing quite well and I had put into place a few money saving exercises, like scrapping Sky TV and the Downshift Challenge.

But with the house move I've become disorganised and my finances are in a bit of a state again.

I've not been shopping online as I had planned...

Weekly meal planning hasn't been done for months now...

I've stopped running to work and I'm taking the car again... (in my defence, it's too dark now!)

It's time to get back on track. Especially with the expense of Christmas this month.

I will take the time to jot down my outgoings and work out what I can realistically save each month (if anything!). I've already managed to cut a number of my costs now that I'm in my new, smaller house. I will do the gardening myself, I will wash my windows myself, and I will clean myself (yes, I know, it's OTT but I used to have a cleaner). I'm also hopeful that my gas and electricity bills will drop and this month I'm going to sell my car and get something more economical.

I will stop putting this off and get on it. No more excuses. As of now, I vow to be more organised and savvy with my money.


  1. good for you! Also I'll give you one more 'no more excuses' - it's not too dark! I run every morning at 6.30am with a massive head torch. I'm brighter than some of the cyclists! If I can so can you :) xxx

    1. I can't believe you're out there with a head torch on! I just don't think I'd feel safe out running in the dark, torch or no torch. Do you run alone?


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