Wednesday, 27 November 2013

{Arriba, Arriba...get down to the new Chiquitos at Glasgow Fort}

It's been a wee while since I've been to Glasgow Fort, but there have been some big changes.... there is a new section of the Fort with a TGI Friday, Frankie & Benny's, Chiquito and more.

I was asked to head to Chiquito Mexican Restaurant & Bar to check out their menu... my pleasure!!

It's been a long time since I've been to a Chiquito restaurant so was interested to check it out. When we arrived on Sunday evening it was reasonably busy - a few families with younger kids, some couples and groups of friends. We were seated at a booth by the window looking out over the the little garden terrace and fairy lights at the Fort. 

The decor was tasteful and despite knowing that the restaurant is part of a chain, it didn't feel that way - I liked that there weren't balloons and promotional material all over the place that you can sometimes find in larger chains. I did see that a family behind us were given colouring in paper and crayons for their young kids, so it's still family-friendly despite the restaurant feeling a bit more 'grown up'. 

The staff were attentive and we were talked through the various menu options. At the moment there is a festive offer with 2 courses for £15 and you can add a dessert for £3.50. Rather good deal in my opinion.

As the man & I checked out the menu, we were brought some flavoured popcorn to munch - it was yum, and a lovely touch.

We both ordered a Mojito and they were delightful (my word, not his, lol!). I thoroughly enjoyed it.

For starter I had Deep Filled Potato Skins with a spicy chicken filling and he had the Classic Nachos. Other options for the starters were Sweet Potato & Feta Taquito, Cantina Mushrooms or Hot Chicken Wings.

Nachos with Texan cheese sauce, jalapeno peppers and melted cheese. Topped with guacamole, sour cream and salsa! Amazing!

For main we had BBQ Pulled Pork Hot Baked Wrap with rice, side salad and coleslaw and the 'Street' Burrito. Other choices were Marinated Roast Chicken, Marinated Roast Cod, Tex Mex Burger or Stuffed Pepper. My only comment would be that my coleslaw portion was a bit measly, and the Street Burrito was served with nachos, guacamole and salsa (which is what we had for starter, we didn't think that through!) but according to the menu it was supposed to be served with rice too (the rice was inside the wrap instead of on the side). But that's me being pernickety.

Instead of dessert, we chose to have a Hot Chocolate with Churros for £4.25 - another offer that's currently running. Yum!

Portions were a decent size and the food was really good. The set menu was great value for money and I think there's something on there for everyone. Staff were all lovely and I was genuinely really impressed. 

The ladies were clean-ish (some of the cubicles were a bit messy) and it was only when in here that the restaurant felt like a chain with the promotional posters on the doors and walls.

The shops at Glasgow Fort are open until 10pm at the moment (8pm at weekends) and from 16th Dec - 23rd Dec they'll be open until midnight. There's plenty of parking and when it's busy there are attendants that help you find a space. I think it would be an ideal place to go for a spot of Christmas shopping, quick bite in one of the new restaurants (totally recommend you try Chiquito) and then there is a brand new Vue cinema... we went to see Gravity 3D after our meal. It was gripping and I really enjoyed my first full movie in 3D. There were lots of tears, but I think that's a sign of a good film!

Glasgow Fort Shopping Park
G34 9DL

I received a complimentary meal for two in exchange for an honest review. Opinions are my own.

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