Wednesday, 9 October 2013

{New House!!!}

I'm back :-)

Despite the worry of the missives not concluding until the day of my move (!!), the move itself went really smoothly! I had my dad & his wife Jo staying with me for a couple of nights and there's no way I would have managed it without them - they were amazing. I used the removal firm Bishop's Move, and the guys were faultless. They really helped the day go by with minimum stress.

We've been busy in the new house (that's me, my dad & Jo!) and already there have been some dramatic improvements. Today I had a BT engineer round (delighted to have wifi again!), two heating engineers and a joiner. It's all coming together nicely. Properly chuffed!

The kids were rather unsettled on the first night here, but since then they've been really good and I'm happy that they've adjusted well to the new house.

Here are some of our pics:

Last night in the old house!

My new bathroom... the green lino had to go (sorry Bex!)

Not enjoying the mirror either :-/

The dining recess!

The rest of the dining / playroom

My storage cupboard...yikes!

The kitchen

I've been eating loads of take out and my weight has crept up 5 lbs. I'm really disappointed in myself and need to get back onto some form of healthy eating. I was doing really well with the paleo and was feeling great as a result... zero Crohn's bloat! But now I feel a bit rotten :-(

But it's not just been about the new house...

I went to see Rod Stewart with my dad & Jo. The Hydro is just brilliant!!!

And we went to support Auntie Ali & daddy in the Glasgow Half Marathon (I was supposed to be running too but I fell down the stairs a couple of weeks ago and really hurt my back/bum and I also had a cold for a wee while... so I hadn't managed to train for it. Bit gutted if I'm honest... next time!).

So, what have I missed?


  1. So glad you have all settled in and I wish you all lots and lots of luck in your new home. Time for a new chapter to start for you :)


  2. Jealous you saw Rod! Lots of unpacking for you misses, let me know if you need a hand :)


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