Monday, 28 October 2013

{Fabulous Finds: Toys for Toddlers}

Glasgow Mummy

A lot of people are starting to seriously think about Christmas gifts, so I thought I'd start by sharing a few things I've come across in my search for gifts for my little ones.

You can have a peek here at other online retailers I love and some other previous gift ideas here.

I love traditional wooden toys and Born Gifted have a great selection. I've bought from this online store before and was impressed with the customer service and speedy delivery. They also offer free UK delivery on everything - ideal!

How adorable is this Busy Bead Tree by Skip Hop for little ones, £26.99!

I'm also a fan of toys that encourage role play, and we've had great fun with the wooden kitchen that I bought for my son's Christmas a few years back. This one from Janod is available on the Born Gifted website and I think it looks great. I don't really like the plastic designs, or the kitchens that are bright pink/red, but this one is neutral so would work in most rooms.

My daughter loves dolls, princesses, fairies... and I know she'd love this fabric fairy cottage. Isn't it so cute!!

I definitely recommend that you have a peek at the 20 (yes, twenty!) pages of toys on their website. There's some really beautiful gifts.

Another of my favourite shops is John Lewis . Love this store!! I could happily spend hours perusing their website and/or aisles.

Anyway, my littlest is also a fan of dogs, and how adorable is this Hansa Dachshund Pup!!

We've had a lot of use out of our tea sets, and this baby pink one from John Lewis is super cute!

I've already bought this Lego Batman clock which will be the perfect addition for my son's superhero themed bedroom. It's carefully tucked away in a box in the shed, hidden away until Christmas!

More specifically, my son has asked for Superhero Lego from Santa and my littlest has asked for a prince & princess house.

If only money were no object, as I'd love to buy her this Playmobil Princess Fantasy Castle. How amazing is this!!

What are your 'go to shops' for gifts for kiddies?


  1. Hi Sarah - I love the puppy. I may have to purchase that for my youngest (for me really :) ) x

    1. I'm thinking I might purchase it too, for me also!! lol :-)

  2. The kitchen is perfect. I really want to buy one for my son as he loves pretending to cook with me in the kitchen! :)

    1. We've had great use out of our kitchen Hannah. A great investment for role play :-)

  3. Playmobil is expensive but keep the box safe in the loft and you can sell it in a few years for almost as much as you bought it for :-) Bargain !

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