Monday, 30 September 2013

{Fabulous Finds: Christmas Card Ideas}

Glasgow Mummy

I know it seems a long while off, but Christmas will be here before you know it!

I'm a big fan of Christmas!! Like a little child, I get so excited!! I love to decorate the house, do lots of festive entertaining, create new traditions and spend time with friends & family.

One of my traditions is to do a photo Christmas card each year, and this year is no different. I've been scouring Pinterest already for ideas and thought I'd share some with you here as a Fabulous Finds post. I normally send my cards at the start of December, which means I need to have the photo session done, the cards designed and ready to be printed during October/November.

I'd love your thoughts... what should we do this year for our card? Which is your favourite?

Have your child blow paper shapes into the camera {image source}

Human snowflake {image source}

Fake graffiti {image source}

Chalkboard message {image source}

Giant text {image source}

Acrobatics {image source}

Blackboard antlers {image source}

Pavement art {image source}

Contemporary digital design {image source}

Photo booth {image source}

Bath tub bubble beard {image source}

Cut out props {image source}

Christmas tree car {image source}

Peaceful Christmas {image source}

Fairy lights {image source}


  1. I like the lights and the first one, your little ones would be so cute!

  2. Beautiful work from the DT. I chose the green and gold combo for a Christmas card unique christmas cards.


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