Saturday, 17 August 2013

{Smitten Saturday}

Glasgow Mummy

This weekend I was at my friends Jenn & Peter's wedding in Durham. I met Jenn 13 years ago when we worked at a summer camp in America together as part of BUNAC. They're such a lovely couple - congratulations guys!

Anyway, there was a guest at the wedding who was wearing a fabulous outfit... a puffy floral print skirt teamed with a bright vest and a neon blazer.

My sister (@the_grey_house) has this fab coral blazer from TopShop which I love. I've worn it once before and it's a really versatile piece. Ali wears it all the time...

And so when I spotted this blazer in Wallis today I just had to buy it:

Plus, at the moment, the blazer is reduced from £40 to £32! Bonus!

The reason I was in Wallis was because of this recent post by Bex at The Olive Dragonfly...and I got a little carried away with their promotional discounts and ended up buying these items too... oops!!

What are you smitten with right now? 

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  1. Love that blazer, I just got a denim shirt (finally) will not have it off for a few weeks!

    1. Yay for the denim shirt! I love mine!! Loving my new blazer, although I'm yet to wear it! x


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