Thursday, 22 August 2013


In just a week, everything seems to be clicking into place!

At the end of July I sold my house... I had no firm plans on where I was going to go (other than my friend Kath's house for a week or two!)... and things were a tiny bit stressful.

I started packing because I had just 6 weeks to vacate and I shared my tips for moving house here.

I had been viewing houses, seen a few I liked, but they were selling soooo quickly it was unreal.

And then I found a house that ticked nearly all the boxes... There was one other note of interest, but luckily for me they weren't in a position to make an offer... so I made an offer, which was declined... I increased it, but again it was rejected... and finally, after much deliberation, I increased my offer one last time and it was accepted!!!

Yippee - I have a house! It needs a bit of work, but it's ideal and I'm over the moon.

I'm already planning how I will decorate over on my Pinterest board 'For the Home'!! So exciting!!

I think the move is going to be emotional, and there have been tears shed already - there's still another 5 weeks to go before I actually have to move! 

I sold the corner suite that was in the living room and I cried when it was taken away. I don't think I realised just how many bad memories I had associated with the sofa and it was relief in a way to get rid of it. 

I'm looking forward to a fresh start... new house, new beginnings!


  1. Sometimes that is what is needed, new beginnings, and so exciting as well, a blank canvas to work on. Happy house moving altbough I don't envy you the packing with 2 small kids, I found I packed, turned round and they were unpacking the just packed boxes! In the end they were both given their own box to do what they wanted with :)

  2. So good you've found somewhere . It's always emotional moving home no matter what the circumstances. We're putting our house up for sale too and moving 40 mins away if it all goes well and Im so nervous about it all. I wish you lots of happiness in your new place.


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