Friday, 12 July 2013

{Urban Bee Colony, St Enoch}

We were delighted to be invited along to see the Urban Bee Colony which is on the top of the St Enoch Centre. Who knew!

The colony has been set up by the bee preservation group, Johnny's Garden.

There are workshops taking place on Wednesdays in July where you can learn about the important role that bees play in the ecosystem, discover how honey is produced and found out about the inner workings of a busy hive.

We were also given a free goodie bag from Glasgow not-for-profit food shop & deli, Locavore (66 Nithsdale Road). In our bag were some goosberries and a jar for making gooseberry jam, some compost in which some lettuce seeds were buried (the box is currently on my windowsill & we're waiting patiently to see the leaves peek through the surface!) and some fava beans and blue peas which are now starting to sprout.

I think my littlest was potentially a bit too young to appreciate the visit, but my son had great fun and has been telling anyone that will listen about pretending to be a bee-keeper!!

I have to say that I'm not a fan of bees, butterflies, birds etc (anything that flaps about my head!) but was very good at not letting my fear be known (I'm determined that my irrational fears will not be passed onto my children). The bees were not bothered by us being there and it was actually ok...phew!

Getting a lesson about the bee hive

Buzz, buzz!!

Littlest getting stuck into the gardening!


  1. oh this looks so cool! I'd love to go to a workshop.. maybe next year x

  2. This bee colony looks amazing. I must pay it a visit! Locavore is a great shop and I love their concept of only selling local produce - it feels so virtuous enjoying the best of locally grown seasonal food!
    Hannah x

  3. This does look cool, though I share your fears about anything flying near me too!


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