Sunday, 21 July 2013

{Smitten Saturday, on a Sunday...oops!}

This week I am Smitten with BHS and their 'Millie' range for girls. How adorable is this concept... they have outfits for little girls, with a matching outfit for their doll!!! 

It's not often that I'm in BHS (despite working in a BHS store when I was at school!) but I happened to walk through the one in the St Enoch Centre fairly recently and that's when I spotted the Millie range. There don't seem to be as many outfits available online as in store, so I suggest you pop in and have a browse.

I've not set up a linky this week, apologies...  but stick your Smitten Saturday link into the comments :-)

Promise to be on time next week!!

Glasgow Mummy


  1. What a sweet idea! I normally don't look in BHS either, but recently I had to buy my son one of those 'emergency' outifits(!!!) in town and ended up picking up shorts and t-shirt for him in the BHS sale. I am really pleased by the quality of the clothes and they look lovely on him :)

    1. Yes, I think I'd go back and have a proper browse or maybe look online.

  2. Ahh so cute! I'd have loved this when I was a kid!

  3. That is cute - though I was a bit of a tomboy when I was a kid, so these would have been wasted on me!

    My Smitten Saturday/Sunday link is here this week - off on holiday so will join in again when I'm back!


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