Wednesday, 19 June 2013

{Wobbles Wednesday}

Just catching up with some Wobbles Wednesday posts as I missed last week due to my holiday (no 3G - I'm amazed that I coped!!).

Last week I lost 1 lb and I was starting to think that I would get to the 11 stone mark soon... but this week I'm now up 4 lbs and my weight has increased to 11 stone 7 lbs. I'm disappointed, but I guess it was to be expected as I was on holiday and I've not really exercised either over the past week and a bit.

Today and yesterday I've been feeling a bit 'meh'. I'm definitely an emotional over-eater. I'm stressed out and tired and have turned to tea and biscuits to get me through... it's not something I'm proud of and this evening after work I've already eaten 6 pancakes and nearly a whole packet of Party Rings. I just need to stop buying 'treats' as I've shown time and time again that I've no willpower or control when it comes to sweet stuff! The only good thing I did was manage to not eat the donuts that appeared today at work... it's a start!

I'm going to try and get back onto the healthy eating tomorrow, but I'm already anticipating a difficult Thursday and Friday in the lead up to the longest day, which is the anniversary of my mum's death. This year marks 12 years since she passed. I miss her every day, especially more so now when I've so much on my plate and I'm starting to struggle.


  1. So sorry about your Mum, I can only imagine how hard that time is :(

    I also get you on the snack thing, I haven't been buying yummy stuff because I'll just eat it, if the temptation isn't directly there, I can't!

    You can do it x

  2. Sending you a million hugs, tea and moral support. Hope you are ok.


  3. I'm sorry to read about your Mum, I can imagine how hard that must be for you. Don't beat yourself up too badly if you have a bad week - it happens to all of us!

  4. sending massive hugs honey, its only a glitch! also sending hugs to you for the anniversary of your mum passing xxxxxxxxx

  5. I can't imagine how it feels never having your mum around, especially at times when you need her. I know only a tiny portion of that pain, especially at times like this, as I only see mine once a year but at least I know I can always pick up the phone or Skype her, I really don't know how I'd cope if I were to never see or speak to her again. Remember there are so many of us who love you and although it can never compare, we are here for you. Hugs, B xx

  6. I think a bad week would be understandable given the timing, I'm sorry to hear you've had to go through such a loss.

    Holidays are my diet undoing as well. Not just the holiday, but the weeks after because I really struggle to get back on track. I think the key is to plan your meals for your return before you even go away, so it's all laid out waiting for you with no excuses...but I've never managed to be that organised!

    The best thing is to stop beating yourself up for what you've done, draw a line under it and start afresh. Well done for ignoring the doughnuts!

  7. Thanks everyone for your lovely supportive comments. I'm trying not to get too hung up on my weight gain this week and I'll get back on track next week. Just a wee glitch... xx


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