Sunday, 9 June 2013

{Wedding Anniversary}

Today would have been my 6 year wedding anniversary.

I remember waking up in the morning and being so excited and happy. I don't remember being nervous or anxious.

I had been continually told that I'd naturally lose weight on the run up to the wedding, but I was so organised (I do love a spreadsheet!) that I wasn't stressed at all. I spent the week before the wedding in Aberdeen with friends and family and all the eating out and cakes meant that my weight went up a bit. I really did panic on the morning as my bridesmaids literally had to squeeze me into my dress... thankfully they got it closed, just!

We had a little hiccup with our cars (my mother-in-law drove into the back of my own car that my father-in-law was driving and I had to get a new bumper!) and I was sad that my own mother wasn't there to share the day with us, but otherwise it went really well and the sun even made an appearance!

Despite all the heartache that has happened since, I've still got happy memories of this day.

Arriving at the church

My sister & I

We had dance lessons for our first dance as I've got two left feet!!

At the end of the night... drunk & happy! It was such a good day! 
(I've cropped out husband from photo!!)

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