Saturday, 29 June 2013

{Smitten Saturday}

Glasgow Mummy

This week I am Smitten with the Tall Ship at Glasgow Harbour.

We had never been before, but with Grandad & Nanny Jo visiting this weekend we thought we'd go to the Riverside Museum, have lunch & then check out the Tall Ship.

Entry to both museums is free. Superb!

The Tall Ship was brilliant. I had spotted that Becky had been there with Anna & George and that had prompted our visit.

My little ones had a great time investigating all the cabins, having a shot hoisting up bags of sugar in the lower decks, scrubbing the top deck and steering the ship too! My daughter even managed to ring the bell. There's also a very small soft play area and we could have stayed longer if we'd had time. I'd definitely recommend that you pay a visit when you're at the transport museum.



  1. I have been meaning to take my older boy to this for years, this post has spurred me on to putting this on our to-do list for the holidays!

    1. It was really good fun and definitely worthwhile going along to :-)


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