Wednesday, 8 May 2013

{Project 333 - Roundup}

I've (very nearly) made it to the end of Project 333 - Living with Less. Basically, I restricted my wardrobe to 33 items for 3 months. You can read about my decluttering efforts here and here is the list of 33 items that were in my capsule wardrobe.

I did have to swap out a couple of items... my grey flower mini handbag broke and I'm yet to fix it, my Salsa bootcut jeans appear to have shrunk in the wash and are now on the short side, one of the buttons ripped off my grey cardigan (& I'm yet to fix it... you'll spot a theme here!) and my grey Baujken dress is now a bit short and tight for me :-/

Instead, I added in a new dress from M&S which I wore to work today and I added in a white shirt from M&S which I also wore for work purposes. I also bought a fab new jumper from Sainsbury's (50% off in the their sale!) which replaced my cardigan.

Approx £11 in the Sainsbury's sale. I love it!

My new M&S dress is very similar to this one... but mine is black and cream stripes and was in the sale for £29. I wore it with black tights and my Russell & Bromley shoe boots today.

Given the weather yesterday, I wore my tan coloured gladiator style sandals from Sainsbury's and bared my legs!! Definitely need to get some fake tan on the go for my 'great whites' (my sister's eloquent description... thanks Ali!).

So there you have it... it can be done!

Am I going to keep it up I hear you ask? Well, no is my short answer. 

I am going to continue to work with a capsule wardrobe, but I'm not going to be as restrictive on the number of items. For example, I have a wedding at the end of this month for which I will be wearing a cocktail style dress. I'll be wearing it just the once, so to have to allocate space on a list for it along with the accessories to match seems to be a bit unfair. 

I also have a number of pieces of beautiful jewellery which have been boxed up for the past 3 months because of Project 333. There are a lot of sentimental pieces that I wouldn't dream of selling, so it makes sense to enjoy them and wear them. 

However, what I have realised is that there are a number of items of my clothing that I will eBay or charity shop because I haven't been wearing them for various different reasons... Now is the time for me to revisit my bag of clothes that I packed away and make some decisions on what I will keep and what can go. As the weather is improving, I also need to pack away the winter jumpers and bring out my summer t-shirts. Fingers crossed for some more sun!!

I want to quickly share with you a new purchase which I bought from M&S... it's a gorgeous maxi dress and is not my usual style at all. But I spotted it in the shop whilst in the queue for the fitting room, and I just had to try it on! I got some lovely comments from passers by, so much so that I had to buy it! At £79 I felt it was a really good deal. I think I could dress it up with heels and a clutch for a summer party, or wear it with flip flops and a casual beach bag for during the day. What do you think, yay or nay?

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  1. Can't believe you've managed to keep your wardrobe to 33 items. I'll have all those clothes your throwing out please :)
    The maci dress is gorgeous!


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