Tuesday, 21 May 2013


Are we ever going to get a summer, I ask??

Hanging basket inspiration from Pinterest

Anyway, I decided to get a few plants to brighten up my garden. I'm being savvy here and purchased a few terracotta style pots at £2 each (bargain!) from Dobbies... and the bonus is that they can come with me when I move house.

I love my garden and will really miss it. It still needs work and is a bit bare in parts, but there isn't much point continuing with it now as I won't benefit from any investment due to the house move (which will hopefully be soon!).

Last week I joined Dobbie's Garden Club. You may think that this is really sad, but I have to say I'm really pleased I did. My sister and I each got a free tea and I got a 10% discount on the plants I purchased. I've already nearly recouped the price of the membership itself. What's not to like?

Littlest looking tired

I filled my car boot with brightly coloured plants and we headed home to pot them all. Ali ended up doing most of the gardening as the kiddies were being hard work at the time - sorry Ali! We created two hanging baskets for the front door and I'll take a photo once they're in bloom. We also potted two Pericallis - one a deep blue that my son chose and the other a magenta colour for my daughter. As plants go I think they were great value and have made a real impact. Each plant was £4 and the pot was £2.

The back of my car... 

A plant for each of the little ones, plus a lavender for me - smell is amazing

For the hanging baskets we potted:
  • Hot pink trailing Petunia,
  • Pink Geranium,
  • Deep rose Gypsophilia,
  • Soft pink Geranium, and
  • Pink trailing Centradenia.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they work out ok (I tend to kill most plants, not on purpose of course!). It was Ailsa over at Perth Mummy that inspired me with the hanging baskets. I thought she was mental when she made hers as they looked rubbish initially but they turned out really well. 

How many of you have green fingers?

PS I've just discovered a very cute blog called 'Little Green Fingers' and Dawn has some lovely ideas for things to encourage your children to enjoy gardening.


  1. I do not have green fingers at all! But I appreciate a beautiful garden and I would love one of my own one day! x

  2. We bought a hanging basket to brighten our front door, it was from QVC and most of the plants were dead when it arrived. I don't know the first thing about gardening, so I'm going to use your plant choices as a starting point!


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