Saturday, 13 April 2013

{Smitten Saturday: Chocolate Drops}

So, slight change of plan with the blog scheduling.

Inspired by Jessica over at Vol 25 whose digital products I love (check them out here) I have decided to scrap 'Snapshot Saturday' which was pointless really as all the photographs from the week appear in my 'Sunday Roundup' and instead, I have decided to replace 'Things I'm Loving Right Now' with 'Smitten Saturday'. I've used one of Jessica's templates that I bought previously and am going to use this each week to style the post. A quick google has shown there are a few other bloggers doing Smitten Saturday posts, but hopefully it's ok if I jump on the bandwagon!

Each Saturday I'll feature one thing that I'm loving, whether it be food, make-up, an activity, a person... you get the idea.

You can grab my button over here --->
and take part if you so wish?

Please leave a wee comment with any posts you write on the subject and if I get enough response then I might start my very own blog hop!

Here's this week's entry:

I'm rather loving Beyond Dark chocolate drops at the moment. I really like the stylish packaging (it's what made me buy the chocolate in the first place!) and I sort of feel that because it's 70% dark chocolate it's good for me!! Of course you all know what I fan of chocolate I am!

I've demolished several bags of the stuff already and love all three flavours (plain, orange & raspberry). I even sent my #RecipeSwap partner some and bought Bex at The Olive Dragonfly a bag when she wasn't feeling very well.


  1. I love dark chocolate never seen them before. Where did you buy them ?

  2. I must try these! I love dark chocolate and raspberry combo and the fact that they are dairy free is amazing (I have a milk allergy so shouldn't have any milk products, but I do.. bad me!) Love the idea of Smitten Saturday too x

  3. I'm in... here's my post:


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