Thursday, 28 March 2013

{Review: IceDelight}

It's no secret that I love ice cream, so when I was asked to review a healthy, guilt-free iced dessert, I jumped at the chance.

IceDelight (or Iced & Light - love the name, so clever!!) is a fat-free, dairy-free, gluten-free iced dessert that is crammed with fruit so that a serving (which is just 90 calories) counts as one of your five-a-day. Perfect!! One of the other things I love about IceDelight is that it's made in Scotland (Dunbar, East Lothian to be precise).

I'm drawn to nice packaging and I wasn't disappointed with the nifty cardboard box that the IceDelight arrived in. We were given five flavours to try - strawberry, raspberry, blackcurrant, lemon and gooseberry & elderflower.

My son requested a purple cone and so I duly scooped him out a dollop of the blackcurrant IceDelight  (the colour was amazing - a deep, rich pinky purple). However, after a taste, he decided that he'd rather have a white one. I obliged and gave him a scoop from the gooseberry & elderflower carton that my daughter was demolishing. He wasn't as impressed as her though and didn't really eat much of it. He's definitely the fussier of the two though. I have to admit I wasn't sure either of them would go for it as the flavours were quite strong in the ones we've tried so far. Hopefully they take to it as I quite like the idea that it's healthy and contains real fruit.

My personal favourite has to be the gooseberry & elderflower - I love elderflower flavoured food & drink and this didn't disappoint. It was really refreshing. Just a shame that we don't have nice Spring weather as I could picture me having a bowl of this whilst catching some rays in my back garden! Unfortunately it was snow here this morning!?

Talking of snow, the lemon flavour was as white as snow, and I really enjoyed the tanginess of it. Definitely more like a sorbet than ice cream. I could imagine serving this as a palate cleanser between courses or at the end of a meal, that's if I was to ever host a dinner party again - it's been a while!

There are some amazing ideas on the IceDelight website...combine IceDelight with fruit salad or meringue for a guilt-free treat, or if you're feeling indulgent here are the other suggestions:
  • Try the velvety Blackcurrant IceDelight with hot apple crumble
  • The rich, refreshing Raspberry IceDelight is yummy served with chocolate cheesecake or as part of a traditional Scottish cranachan.
  • Juicy, fresh Strawberry IceDelight is perfect with white chocolate brownies straight from the oven.
I'm sold :-)

There are also a few smoothie suggestions on the website, and I reckon they would be great as a cocktail too - throw in some vodka, Chambord and basil with the Strawberry IceDelight for a Basil Grande perhaps? Or some rum & mint with the Gooseberry & Elderflower IceDelight for a mojito?? I will try and report back!

Overall I was suitably impressed and would definitely recommend you give IceDelight a try. Not so sure that all the flavours are child-friendly but my littlest loved the ones that she had. My son less so, but as I said he is rather fussy! Give it a go and let me know what you think.

Don't know about you, but I'm craving chocolate brownies and IceDelight now...!!

We were given five flavours of IceDelight for free as part of this review. Opinions, as always, are my own.


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