Friday, 8 March 2013

{Post Circle}

I am so excited to be taking part in #PostCircle, as set up by Anna from Miss Beatrix blog. As the name suggests, #PostCircle is a group where we send and receive lovely post.

I've always loved snail mail - I'm a big fan of sending and receiving mail the old fashioned way but lately with everything that's been on my plate I've been lacking in my thoughtfulness...what better way to get back into the swing of things than join this group. I'm also a stationery geek so I'm looking forward to purchasing some more pretty envelopes, paper, pens etc for the project if my budget will allow.

Anna has a drawer dedicated to her stationery, whereas I have a cupboard of craft items (glitter, rubber stamps, coloured paper, embellishments, beads...) then a chest of drawers for 'gifts' which includes an assortment of wrapping paper, ribbons, raffia, scissors, sellotape and finally a wicker basket full of greetings cards (then of course there is the kids craft selection of paints, pens, stickers, paper....). I also make the effort to design personalised Christmas cards and also have stickers from that have been personalised with the kids names for sticking onto envelopes, gifts etc - when attending busy birthday parties, gift tags can get lost! Oh, and then there are the personalised labels from Tiny Me that I just *had* to buy for the kids clothes and belongings, so they don't get lost at nursery, you know! I secretly wanted a pack for myself too!!

*whispers* I may have a problem...!!

Anyway, we were asked by Anna to complete a short questionnaire, which included a list of 10 things we liked, and I thought I would share my response here with you today...
  1. Sparkles (glitter, sequins...)
  2. Owls
  3. Chocolate, cake & pick n'mix (seriously addicted to sugar...)
  4. Running, or at least the way I feel after a run
  5. Cheesy pop music
  6. Living etc magazine
  7. Making pancakes on a lazy weekend morning with my two toddlers
  8. Stationery (pens, notebooks, stickers...)
  9. Shopping 
  10. Me-time (reading a magazine with a cup of tea and chocolate biscuit without interruptions of little children, or a long, hot bubble bath without an audience!)

What would be on your list of 10 likes?

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  1. What a great idea! I love getting post too, although the only post I get these days is bloody bills! Let me know if its good, I might join. Have a good weekend. Xxx ps lie ins are defo in my top 10, not that they ever happen anymore!


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