Friday, 15 March 2013

{Fabulous Finds: Stationery}

Glasgow Mummy

Like I needed an excuse to browse the interest for lovely stationery, right? Well, anyway, I've been well and truly sucked in by the delight that is #PostCircle and I can't wait to get started! 

Be sure to check out Anna's post on stationery over at her blog Miss Beatrix as she has some great ideas for making and creating your own stationery plus some suggestions from Etsy (another site I love!).

For those of you that are local to Glasgow, there is also a flagship Paperchase opening up on Buchanan Street in a few days. Excited?? I am!! (There is free delivery for UK orders over £30 if you aren't nearby though, so you won't miss out).

Anyway, here are some of the pretties that I've discovered online:

Sticky notes from Artbox

Boxed greetings cards from moo-t

Washi tape from Prints to Polka Dots

hinterland letter set from Paperchase

Lace effect washi tape from Papermash

Sweet Treats gift tags from The Paperie

cloud stickers from Paperchase


  1. Oh lovely, I do love a bit of stationery! Xxx

    1. I'm a massive fan. Ended up placing an order with Pipii after writing this post!!

  2. Love this! Especially the vintage tape and Artbox sticky notes.


    1. I love the little cat holding the heart - the cutest post-it note ever I reckon! All of this stuff is on my wish list right now!

  3. I can't wait to use up all my old stuff up and buy more to send!! I love the old vintage style post office tape! Actually I love pretty much all of it! Good post! Xx

  4. I'm addicted to washi tape! Love the lace tape, I might have to order some to add to my collection ;) x

    1. I love the look of the lace tape too! Thanks for comment :-)

  5. Oh dear I seem to have just spent £30 in Paperchase after reading this post!


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