Sunday, 10 February 2013

{Pin It Do It}

Becky and Roz over at The Olive Dragonfly have started 'Pin It Do It' - a new hashtag (#pinitdoit funnily enough!) for us to share Pinterest plans that, as the title suggests, we actually do! I pin a variety of things , but rarely get the chance to follow through so to speak! This is also where the Olive Dragonfly Craft Club comes in...  cue another hashtag #ODCC. Becky has even created her own little button... made up of buttons!!!

Olive Dragonfly Craft Club

One of the latest items that I've made is Valentine's Day favours for my little ones to give to their nursery friends. I shared the idea here as part of the #JanuaryJoy series but I've now completed them and they're ready to go (I'm also ashamed to admit that I must have eaten about 10 packets of the Oreo biscuits whilst I was making these!!!).

Today I'm heading over to Becky's flat for the first ODCC get together and here is the homemade* gift that I will be taking along with me:

Keep an eye on The Olive Dragonfly blog for more info & details of how to join in.

*contents of the jar are not actually homemade...!! I've been busy, sorry!

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