Sunday, 24 February 2013

{35 at 35: Glasgow Tourist, Check!}

(I attempted to use #madewithover app but quite clearly need more practice - I should have put the font in white!)

So this weekend Single_Man_75 came to visit, and I managed to tick off another item on my 35 at 35 list - be a tourist in Glasgow for the day. Granted, we only did half a day, but I'm happy with that. We hopped on the open top city bus tour and saw the sights of the West End and City Centre.

We then had a very quick tour of GoMA. One of the canvases was some text about a cheap last minute holiday - cue confused face - was it art?!! We also had a laugh at the huge folders and one of the other pieces was a post-it note which we also had a chuckle at. I would like to understand and appreciate modern art, but don't really get it... can anyone provide some insight please?

After some Chinese food, a group of us hit The Shed for a cheesy night out including the lovely Bex from Olive Dragonfly (Roz aka @rozzystar was only there for part of the night unfortunately).

And that was when Glasgow_Mummy met Single_Man_75!!!


  1. Weellll done girl! Don't want to count the chicks yet but can't help smelling roses...

    1. Single_Man_75 and I aren't an item... but if you read recent post it will fill you in :-)

  2. Lovely post! The bus tour was a bit cold though!


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