Wednesday, 2 January 2013

{The White Company Christmas Bedroom Challenge}

I was just today made aware of The White Company competition over on Fresh Design Blog. The gist is basically that you style a Christmas bedroom with The White Company's home collections and there is a chance to win up to £200 of bed linen. The White Company?? I'm in!

All of the Christmas stock would appear to be off their website, but I've styled a room anyway - it may just not look very Christmassy, sorry!!

For me, grey is a favourite colour and my own bed has an amazing hotel-style grey padded headboard.

For the bed linen I've chosen the Genoa collection, which looks amazing! Exactly the type of bed I would love to crawl into:

I've also selected the Cliveden Throw in Silver, which also has matching cushion covers:

And for a bit of layering, I'd add a faux fur throw in dark silver:

Mood lighting is a must, so I'd pick this Deco Shade Chandelier (I successfully changed a dimmer switch all by myself yesterday so installing this will be easy - I hope!):

I love The White Company pomegranate fragrance, so I'd have one of these candles lit on the bedside table:

And I would lounge about the bedroom in a hooded cardigan (grey of course!) from The White Company that I've mentioned in a previous post:

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