Friday, 25 January 2013

{January Joy - 25th Jan}

The #JanuaryJoy prompt for today is 'do something/go somewhere you have never been before...'. 

Hmmmm..... this certainly got me thinking!!

What could I realistically do that I haven't done before?? *puts thinking cap on* (and wheesht you all with the dirty minds!!!!)

Today is Burn's Night and I've never hosted a Burn's Supper before, but it's sort of short notice to organise something... next year perhaps!

I'm reckoning I should try and do something Scottish to celebrate Robert Burns so I think this morning the kids and I will bake some shortbread. This is something I've never done before, but it's one of my resolutions to bake/cook more with the children and I've managed quite a few things in January so far.


We're also going to a friend's for lunch so it would be nice for us to have something homemade to take with us. 

If we can get a recipe that works, perhaps this will solve the problem of what to put with the heart straws for our Valentine's Day favours!

Next week is the last week of Florence Finds #JanuaryJoy - I've really enjoyed it and Rebecca's prompts have certainly got me thinking. Just 4 more to go... can you believe January is nearly over already!?!

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