Thursday, 17 January 2013

{January Joy - 17th Jan}

Today's #JanuaryJoy prompt is to 'get a hair cut or try a wash-in-wash-out colour'.

For a busy, working (granted, it's just part-time), single mummy of two toddlers, this is easier said than done!

In my younger days, I changed my hair style and colour frequently and at the moment I'm growing my hair, but I'm not sure what my goal is as yet... cut it short, keep it longer, blonde, brunette...??

I tend to be kiddie-free from Sunday afternoon through to Wednesday after my work when I collect my wee rascals from nursery and so for the moment I have to take a day of annual leave to allow me to get my hair done (I work Mon-Wed). As a result of this I'm no longer getting my hair cut every 4 weeks as I did previously... but this is helping financially I suppose!

After attempts at colouring my hair by myself in my teenage years and early twenties, I'm reluctant to try again! What a disaster that was... I remember vividly having to make a trip to Boots with orange hair sticking out from under a baseball cap and I once ended up with purple hair :-/

Part of me thinks I should find a mobile hairdresser that could come to my house when the kids are asleep, but I love the little salon I go to and get on well with all the staff. It's also where I take the kids to get their hair cut and they're brilliant with them so I'd be reluctant to find someone new.

The other option is that I book the kids into nursery for an extra day to allow me some time to myself for a hair cut, but this bumps up the price considerably. It's just under £100 to put them both in for a day!!! I had thought about a babysitter, but my littlest is really funny with new people right now so I'm not sure it's an option right now but it would be cheaper than the nursery at least.

I used to think nothing of popping out for a haircut, but it's now a big task that involves lots of organisation!!

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  1. What you need is a babysitters club - a group of likeminded parents who you know from toddler group or suchlike, who have kids friendly with yours, and who you would feel safe leaving your babies with. You then reciprocate at a later date.

    Note: Only invite parents with the same number of children as you or you'll end up dumped with an extra half dozen! x


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