Saturday, 22 December 2012

{My Style}

I've been giving my hairstyle a lot of thought lately... My style has changed a lot since the breakdown of my marriage and I am trying to make the effort to dress well. I've worked hard to lose the baby weight (although it's slowly creeping back on) and I now have a capsule wardrobe of pieces of clothing that I love to wear.

Is it time now for a change of hairstyle again?

When I was younger I changed my hairstyle frequently. Dying my hair various shades of red, plum, blonde & brunette and with styles that were long, short, spikes, shaved, curls...some worked, others less so!!

That's me... far right...with the horrendous mushroom hair-do!!

The perfect bob??

My natural hair colour - I think! Sans fringe, short bob


Bleached, short & spikey

Super-short & blonde

Pre-wedding (I was growing my hair for my big day so I could have it up in a bun, but now realise I definitely need a fringe of some sort!!)

My hen party... very blonde & curled!

Mid-brunette with a fringe

Dark brown, short bob (with the lovely Becky from Olive Dragonfly)

Brunette with some highlights, and a fake tan!

Curled for the ODP party :-)

Growing my hair still...

Big & bouffant for the work's Christmas party :-)

I've been conservative with my hairstyle since qualifying from university, and I've twice reverted back to brunette from my usual blonde...but I've always gone back to blonde. I guess the saying is true...blondes do have more fun! I've been growing my hair this past year, but I'm not sure what my end point is and I'm unsure of what style I'm trying to achieve.

My little sister recently chopped her hair and I'm wondering if I should do something different too...

Hmmm...decisions, decisions!

What would my ideal be - I'm still not sure?!?!?

Even longer? {image source}

Blonde? {image source}

Brunette? {image source}

Short bob? {image source}


  1. Geez, not one Redhead? I think you look best as a blond.

    1. I have been red... but the photo was way too horrendous to share!! I think the general consensus so far has been blonde... I was thinking I'd go brunette again, but totally not sure now :-/

  2. Someone said that when a woman wants a haircut, she means she wants to change her life for the better. I also had my hair chopped recently... loving it btw! I think any style will perfectly suit you, as you have a beautiful face. Just add foxiness & your inner confidence... voila! i'm sure you'll rock your new do ;>

  3. mid brunette and brunette with highlights definitely get my vote although all photos are lovely!! Currently having a hair dilemma myself!


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