Wednesday, 21 November 2012

{Homemade Christmas Wrapping Paper}

Sorry, it's another Christmas-related post! I just can't help myself - I love this time of year!

Last year I wrapped all my Christmas gifts in brown paper with bright ribbons and I shared a free printable for the gift tags. This year, I'm still using brown paper, but I decided to get the little ones to decorate it themselves. I have tonnes of ready mixed poster paint from Baker Ross and I bought some Christmas sponge painting shapes from HobbyCraft. The kids had great fun stamping the brown paper with green Christmas trees, yellow angels and red (toddlers choice, not mine!) snowmen! We also decorated a brown paper shopping bag (with white snowmen, just as they should be!).

Here are some other gift wrap ideas from a previous post of mine. How do you wrap your gifts?


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