Friday, 23 November 2012


I was chatting with @Single_Man_75 the other day about Christmas, our respective kids etc. when I divulged a secret. Although it's not going to be a secret for much longer... I was 10 or 11 years old when I discovered *whispers* the truth about Santa (I forget the exact age, but I remember the conversation I had with my mum and little sister). I was distraught.

My son turned 3 in August, and it's only now that he is properly understanding the concept of Christmas. It's lovely to watch him get so excited. I'm hearing from friends with older children that their little ones are questioning the tooth fairy, Mr Claus and the like at much earlier ages than when I was a little girl. I do hope I can maintain the magic in the Glasgow Mummy house for the foreseeable future!

I have been reliably informed that the Father Christmas will be visiting the St Enoch Centre in Glasgow, and your little ones (from age 2-10 years) can even join him and his elves for breakfast, brunch, lunch or tea at Hamleys! Each guest will have a special chat with Santa, enjoy some yummy food, play some Christmas games, decorate cookies and just before it's time to leave they will receive a special goody bag before marching out to Hamley's Christmas chimney to send their wish list to the North Pole. Even I'm excited about all that!!!

I've also been told that Nigella Lawson will be at the centre on November 29th from 6pm for a book signing. Double excitement!!!


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