Tuesday, 23 October 2012


I've been rushed off my feet this past month or so. My friend and her three girls were staying with me for just under a fortnight, then I had my sister's wedding, then my dad & his wife were visiting, followed by a visit from my sister and her husband (btw congrats guys!). On top of this, I've been busy getting more stuff done at the house (I've converted my dining room into a playroom, and changed the living room about a bit so it's a proper grown-up space - no toys!). It's only now that I'm getting back into a routine.

I've joined a new gym (thanks to my friend who transferred her membership over to me!), and starting to feel motivated again about exercise. I went straight from work yesterday (if I were to go home first and sit down, it was more than likely that I wouldn't have gone out again!) and did a workout... on the treadmill, rowing machine and then for a swim. 

I was trying to look cool, and failed miserably... I slipped on the steps on my way into the pool area and landed on my ass. Majorly embarrassing. However, I think (crosses fingers) no-one saw me. Honestly, what am I like!

Healthy eating has not been going so well (as I stuff more chocolate into my mouth!) and I know I need to make more of an effort to cook from scratch. In my defence, I did make soup the other day in the slow cooker but I will continue to try harder.

I've also been getting more organised... around the house, planning play dates ahead of schedule and making the most of my days off. I feel much more on top of things now as a result. I just hope I can keep it up. 

The kids and I went to soft play last week - it's been a while since I've taken them - but it was great fun and the kids thoroughly enjoyed it. There were tantrums from both when we had to leave which was not so great. The walk home seemed to take forever with a son that kept demanding to go back! We also had a dry afternoon on Friday so we headed straight for the park. It was great for all of us to get some fresh air, and I felt myself smiling as I walked home. I was really starting to get fed up of raining days stuck indoors. I've also been looking into organised activities for the kids, and I'm hoping to sign them up for a few things soon.

Things are on the up again, I hope?

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