Tuesday, 21 August 2012


I have become so lazy in the kitchen lately and I'm ashamed to admit I can't even remember the last time I cooked a meal from scratch (ok, I can - it was a Thai chicken curry I made for a buffet day at work - but before that, who knows!). I've been surviving on cereal, sandwiches, fruit, salads (pre-prepared from supermarket), beans on toast, scrambled eggs and microwave meals. The kids have been having much the same, but they get fresh pasta a lot (it's quicker to cook!) and sausages (but I'm trying to be healthy so avoiding both!). I used to be really good at making homemade soup in my slow cooker, making beef or chicken casseroles too and the occasional risotto. The laziness has got to stop - all the pre-packed food is expensive and it's not setting a good example for my children. I was blaming it on the fact that I'm so busy and that it's harder being on my own to get everything done, but it's no excuse really.

Tonight I placed an online supermarket food order and along with the microwave meals and pre-packed salads I got the ingredients to make cheese, ham & courgette muffins (thought this would be something fun to make with the little ones and would be an alternative to sandwiches at lunchtime) and vegetables to make my usual carrot and lentil soup in the slow cooker.

I bet mine won't look anything like the photographs, but my aim is to at least make these two things before the weekend. 

My energy levels are starting to dip, I've also been in a bit of a bad mood (to be expected I guess with all the recent goings on) and I'm guessing my rubbish diet isn't helping matters (that and my Crohn's Disease and the fact I haven't had my Vit B12 injection in aaaaaaages, when I'm supposed to have them every 3 months!)

However, I've made it back to the gym this week which I'm very pleased about as my weight was starting to creep up and up (which is the last thing I want after the efforts I went to to lose it!). In the last week I've run 5 miles, went to Body Attack, Body Pump & Body Step at the gym and I went to my usual Pilates class. 

Here's to a happy & energetic week ahead *crosses fingers*

This post was for Kate on Thin Ice's Grooving Mums, which I haven't participated in for a loooong time (sorry Kate). Do check out Kate's blog and join in if you are feeling like you want to get your groove back - the more the merrier.

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  1. I just read you post and found myself relating to the lack of cooking and energy. The past couple of weeks I've been sleeping in for work (stressful!) as my alarm goes off, I switch it off and then go back to sleep. This is honestly something I've never been guilty off, I think it is all down to too much junk food and lack of exercise. Really trying to make a big effort on both these fronts now! Good luck with your cooking plans.

    As an aside, I clicked through to some of the previous posts you included above and Wow!! Your weight loss and healthy eating / exercise is a fab achievement, just keep making the effort to fit in those runs and you'll stay on track missus :) x


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