Thursday, 16 August 2012

{Fabulous Finds: Some Great Ideas}

I have a board on Pinterest dedicated to 'Ideas'. I currently have 221 pins on this board, so I thought I'd share a few of them with you here as a Fabulous Finds post. Some of the ideas truly are fabulous!

Glasgow Mummy

I get a lot of pieces of 'art' from the children's nursery and I have often wondered how to display it all. I do have a fab 3D frame in my kitchen that I can slot in a few of their creations, but I've been looking for ways to display more of it, when I came across this idea.... photograph or scan the artwork and then arrange in Photoshop or whatever, print and then frame. Isn't it fab! Would make a fab gift for a grandparent or family member...

Or another idea would be to combine them all into a coffee table book...

Whilst you have your camera out, why not try making a few of these containers. Decide what you need to store, take a photograph of it, print it onto peel-and-stick paper and then stick it onto the container. Would be great for making personalised gifts!

Sticking (!!) with the gift theme, why not design your own wrapping. Punch scraps into different shapes (kids can help with this!) and then stitch them together to make garlands for wrapping presents.

Last idea for just now is a way to personalise crockery with just a Sharpie marker and an oven!! How simple is that!! Again, would make a great gift :-)


  1. I love the idea of scanning the kids' artwork and creating one big picture, would definitely make an awesome gift!

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