Monday, 13 August 2012

{Fabulous Finds: Neutral Clutch Bags}

Glasgow Mummy

I was searching online for the perfect neutral clutch bag to go with a dress I had purchased for my friend's wedding this week when I stumbled across a whole host of bags that I loved the look of!! I thought I'd share them with you as a Fabulous Finds post...

Coast Mimi Clutch, £45 - this is the bag I ended up choosing, mainly due to time constraints and I happened to pass a Coast store and it was in the window!!

I also found this amazing crossbody bag!! 


  1. I like the accessories one the most! :) x

  2. I LOVE evening clutches. Nothing better than having to take them out of their dust bags (I like how good bags come in their own bag !) or boxes to decide which one to take.

  3. トリーバーチはオシャレずきな女性にとって必携のブランド品です。全体的にモダンとエレガントの元素を活用して、豪華な財布を作り上げました。それに、フロントには大きなロゴが付いて、ブランドセンスが自ら溢れています。また、上質なレザーが施されて、独特の質感で手に馴染んできます!それに、収納力も抜群!使い勝手もよいです。今回二つ折のタイプのトリーバーチ 財布を紹介させていただきます。豪華で上品な味わいを自ら溢れています。今、このブランド品をみると、相変わらず目がありません。

  4. Great Post man thanks for share :-)


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