Thursday, 30 August 2012

{Artwork for a Toddler Bedroom}

Glasgow Mummy

As you know, I've been decorating my daughter's new bedroom. So far, so good.... however, I need to get a few more prints to liven up the walls and then she's all set. First stop, etsy... I just love this online site for finding something a bit more unusual and unique. So, here is my round up of some fabulous finds for artwork for a toddler bedroom that I discovered on etsy:

You Are So Cool (why thank you!! lol!) by ohdearmolly

Oh My Deer (I say 'oh dear me'... a lot!) by ilovedesignlondon

Daybreak by soveryhappyart (a bit more grown up, but some fab colours!)

Sugar & Spice by trendypeas

Sweetheart by EmmaGarner

Pug by Wallfry

I fell in love with the dog range of nursery prints by Wallfry, and my daughter absolutely adores dogs! So, I've ended up purchasing three of the dog prints - a greyhound, a beagle and an Old English sheepdog. They are super cute, and I think they're rather funky! I'm sure she'll love them! My plan is to frame them in ornate white frames which I think will look brill on her dusky pink walls.

What are your thoughts? Any favourites?

I'm wondering if I could get the deer print to say 'oh deer me' and then I'd definitely buy it! lol :-)


  1. Hehe love the deer poster. :) beautiful inspiration post!!
    Just found you blog... Love it!!!

  2. I am glad to hear about the dog prints! I really love art prints and my daughter also loves dogs and my brother presented his niece some beautiful prints.


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