Sunday, 12 August 2012

{4, not 3}

According to my son, he is turning 4, not 3! His actual birthday is tomorrow, but today we had a little party with his cousin's at his daddy's house. It's been a long, emotional day and I left the party first, with tears welling up in my eyes as I went. I found it a bit difficult. All the immediate family from his side were there plus me and despite nothing being said about the whole situation, I could feel the tension (maybe it was my imagination!?) and felt a bit awkward. I came back to my empty house, wiped away the tears and hit the gym! (About time too you might say!). I'm currently sat at my desk with a cup of tea in hand and I'm planning on having an early night - I need to catch up on sleep and prepare myself for the week ahead.

I thought I'd share a couple of the photographs in case you didn't happen to spot them in my Twitter feed. I had bought my son a very cool t-shirt (I think so anyway!) for his birthday that has his name across the front, as such I'm not sharing any photographs of him, but here is his little sister in her party dress!

Pointing at a 'birdie'

She *loved* all the balloons!!

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