Friday, 27 July 2012


My sister put together such a lovely presentation for my own hen party, which must have been over 5 years ago now. It was heartfelt, humorous, touching and I loved it. A number of the girls at the party were in tears, in a good way. She's very good with computers though and had timed the photographs to appear to music, and it was just very well done.

I've been tasked with producing a similar presentation for her hen party in a week's time. Don't worry - it's not a secret that I'm ruining - she's even provided me with a CD of photographs to use for it!!

As such, I've been digging around in our old family photographs for embarrassing photographs of her and I've been scanning them like mad into my computer to put together her slides. Thankfully I think I'm nearly done. It's not timed to music as yet, but hopefully I can figure it out in time (any tips you might have would be greatly appreciated!!).

Anyway, the more I look at photographs of myself as a youngster, I can't believe just how similar my two kiddies look like me. It's just amazing... It's still so surreal that I (along with my husband of course) produced two lovely little people!

 So here I am as a little girl....

Me, aged about 6 months

My daughter does the exact same smile... she shuts one eye - it's hilarious!!

Me, maybe about a year old, possibly nearer 18 months?

With my grandfather (my dad's dad)

And here are my two kiddies (any excuse to share pictures of them!)...

Ok, so we're maybe not that similar... but there are definitely characteristics that are the same. I love that we all have the same 'bum chin'. Hee hee.

I wonder how they will change as they get that little bit older...

I guess I'm possibly 3 here??

At primary school with my sister...

I love the little bobs that Ali & I had... so cute!


  1. Your kids do look very like you when you were wee, lovely post.

    1. Thank you :-)
      I don't think I've picked the best of photographs as a comparison, but my daughter certainly looks very much like me!


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