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So, I said I would attempt Kate on Thin Ice's Jubilee questionnaire, so here goes... *cue Royal trumpet!!*
"The Queen has power and privilege but actually she is just like thee and me.  Don’t believe me?  Try this questionnaire then and see if you and the Queen share experiences, both the joyful and the challenging." Kate
April 21, 1926: Elizabeth Alexandra Mary born in London.
When and where were you born?  What are your middle names?  Who were you named after?

I was born in Aberdeen, Scotland in January 1982, making me 30 years old (eek!). My middle name is Mary and I was named so after my aunt.
Dec. 11, 1936: Edward VIII abdicates, and his brother becomes King George VI, placing Elizabeth next in line for the throne.
Was there an event in your childhood that set your destiny on an unexpected course?  How did you deal with it?

Not sure about this... there have been a number of life-changing events that happened to me during my growing up: as a family we moved abroad when I was 9 years old, returning to Scotland a year and a half later; my mum died when I was 19 years old and aged 21 I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease. Not all childhood events really, but I think all these things have moulded my life journey so to speak. Does that make sense? 
October 1940: With Britain at war, Princess Elizabeth records her first public broadcast, a message for the children of Britain.
What is your experience of public-speaking, if any?  How do you feel about it?

I'm not confident at public speaking. I'm happy enough delivering a presentation that I have practiced (& think I come across as being confident but inwardly I'm screaming), but it's the questions at the end that always throw me and I get so nervous. I've given talks in front of large audiences and small, and sometimes it's the smaller audiences that are harder because you can see everyone's reaction to everything you say. 
April 21, 1943: Her first public engagement, a day with the Grenadier Guards tank battalion.
What was your first day at work like?

I'm not sure I remember my first day of work! It was probably rather dull reading Standard Operating Procedures!! My work experience at school was rather amusing though. I was at the Agricultural College weighing out silage samples for analysis!!
Nov. 20, 1947: Marries Philip Mountbatten, who becomes Duke of Edinburgh.
Who did you team up with or marry?  What was it that attracted you to them?

At the moment I'm going solo. My husband has been a silly man and for the moment I'm living life as a single mummy.
Nov. 14, 1948: Prince Charles is born.
How many children did you have and when and where were they born?

I have two children. My son will be 3 years old in August and my daughter has just turned one. They were both born in Glasgow.
Feb. 6, 1952: George VI dies, succeeded by Elizabeth II.
Have you lost a parent?  How was that for you?

As I mentioned above, I lost my mum when I was 19 years old to cancer. It was an extremely difficult time and I miss her every day.
June 2, 1953: Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II at Westminster Abbey, the first televised coronation.
Have you ever had any claim to fame or celebrity status?  Have you ever appeared on the telly?

If I remember correctly I was in the audience for a children's quiz show when I was at school. Can't remember what the show was though...
1953: The Queen’s sister, Princess Margaret, falls in love with a divorced man, prompting the Royal Family to veto marriage – the first of several episodes of marital troubles in the family. Margaret marries Antony Armstrong-Jones in 1960; they divorce in 1978.
What scandal has rocked your family?

Have a peek at my Broken and Broken, Part II posts...
June 21, 1982: Charles and Diana’s son Prince William is born.
Are you a grandparent?  How do you feel about becoming one?

I'm a long way away from becoming a grandparent!
July 9, 1982: Intruder breaks into Queen’s bedroom; she talks with him until police arrive.
Have you ever being the victim of crime?  How did it affect you?

I was the victim in a car accident the other week. I've done something to my neck and had to see my chiropractor the other day who cracked it back into place *ouch*
Nov. 20, 1992: Fire destroys part of Windsor Castle.
Have you ever had a horrible year where everything seemed to go wrong?  When was it?  What happened?

This has been my year for everything to go wrong, or so it would seem at least.
1993: Queen begins paying taxes voluntarily to assuage public sentiment against the state subsidizing the throne; opens Buckingham Palace to tourists to help pay for Windsor Castle repairs.
What did you do that surprised people most?

I stood up for myself and my children.
March 6, 1997: Queen joins cyberspace, launching British Monarchy website,http://www.royal.gov.uk.
What does the internet mean to you?  How do you use it?

I love the internet, especially for shopping
June 2012 - Queen’s Jubilee celebrating 60 years  on the throne.
When was the moment in your life when you felt life was exactly as it should be?

I'm not there yet... watch this space as they say!!
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