Friday, 22 June 2012

{My Holiday in Photographs}

I've already posted a little about my 'holiday' with the kids... during my week I took a load of photographs, and so I thought I'd share a few more of them here with you...

My new book, which I'm still to finish.. I think I managed just a few chapters! Baby sleeping & cup of tea in hand!!

Toast & jam for breakfast - yum!

Feet up in the sun (grey patent trainers from Boden!)

Another cuppa!

The amazing glass doors out to the garden at my aunt & uncle's holiday home!

The peacock at Hazlehead Park, Aberdeen...such beautiful colours!

...and again!

Hello! (this lama had the most disturbing teeth!) 

The park...

...and again!

My son having his bedtime milk in Auntie Ali's chair that she 'picked up' in Glasgow!


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