Friday, 4 May 2012

{What a Difference a Day Makes}

Yesterday was a good day. Worlds apart from how I was feeling at the start of the week!

I spent the day at Heads of Ayr Farm with a good friend and her three daughters. It was exhausting, but so much fun. The toddler had a blast, particularly in the digger sand pit area! I'd definitely recommend a visit if you're in the Glasgow area. It's just an hours drive and well worth the trip. I will be going back!

Diggers in the sand pit!

He refused to pose for a photo!!

Peek-a-boo! (covered in raspberries from lunch!)

Enjoying the sun, but refusing to wear her sunhat!

Son posing as a skunk! (at least I think that's what it is?)


On the go-kart with toddler!!


  1. Love Heads of Ayr farm. It's so much fun and looks like the kids had a ball. x

  2. and the sun came out too! not normal for the west coast! Love Heads of Ayr farm, only been once but a great day.


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