Sunday, 20 May 2012

{Savvy Shopping}

Savvy Online Shoppers Friday started over on Kate on Thin Ice’s blog where she encourages you to check out an easy way to ensure that money goes to charity when you shop online at no extra cost to you. Read more here

Here are Kate's questions for week #1 of Savvy Online Shoppers...

1. How often do you shop online?
Very frequently! I'd say at least once a week.
2. If you can remember, tell us about the first time you shopped online?
Baby brain... can't remember a thing! It was possibly an eBay purchase? I do remember thinking it wasn't safe to make big purchases online, so I only ever bought things that were up to £10 in value or thereabouts. I now would happily make bigger purchases online (and frequently do!).
3. What do you buy regularly online?
Groceries, clothes, baby bits & pieces, craft supplies, gifts...
4. What other type of products or services do you buy online? (flowers, gifts, holidays, insurance etc)
Insurance, flowers, holidays, food gifts, homeware... 
5. What are the advantages of shopping online?
Easy, fast and the big plus - I don't need to trail the shops with the kids in tow!
6. Are there any disadvantages of shopping online?
Sometimes I prefer to actually see before I buy, and occasionally I don't want to wait for an item to be delivered, but more often than not I buy online. Sometimes it can be a pain having to return items if they are damaged or don't fit, but thankfully I've not had too many problems with online shopping.
7. Do you ever shop online in secret?
All the time!
8. What is the very last thing you bought online?
I had a splurge yesterday and bought a load of new clothing for myself (shhh!).
9. If someone was buying something online for you, what would you like it to be if money was no object?
Wow... I think it would have to be a designer handbag. Maybe the Mulberry Oversized Travel Bag, in Oak Shiny Lambskin at £1,250? This would also allow me to check off one of my 35 and 35 list items (number 16 to be precise!).

10. Have you heard of Give As You Live? If not find out more here where a video will show you all about it.

Yes, I have. For my readers that haven't, please do check out the link above.


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