Saturday, 5 May 2012

{My Dining Room}

I'm linking up again this week with Catherine from Making It As Mum for her weekly Making It Home blog hop linky.

The Dining Room

Way back in November last year I shared some photographs of my ongoing DIY efforts. It began in the dining room, but rapidly grew arms & legs, and soon enough I was updating a number of rooms in the house!

I made cafe curtains myself and I used the colours in this fabric as colour inspiration for all four rooms at the back of the house - the kitchen, dining room, back porch and the WC.

Dining room cafe curtains

I painted a feature wall in dark grey and the remaining walls I painted white.

Dining room, painted white

Dining room, feature wall painted dark grey

Dining room, feature wall painted dark grey

I purchased some lime green oilcloth for the dining table, and I sourced an amazing mirror for the feature wall from Home Accessories by Lauren. I stumbled upon some grey fabric place mats from Ikea and I already had some turquoise tealight holders from Next.

I also found some prints on Etsy that matched the colour scheme and I framed these in some black frames that I already had kicking about. I also moved two of my own photographs that matched the colour scheme into the room.

Prints from Etsy by yumalum

My own photographs

I've still to paint the woodwork white, and ideally I'd like to change the light fitting, but these are not urgent tasks.

The Back Porch

Back porch area (not sure how to describe this room!?), before shot.

The cafe curtain I made myself, using the same fabric as the dining room. 

I painted the walls in a light grey colour with one wall painted dark grey (same colour as feature wall in dining room).

Back porch, painted grey 

I primed and painted the mirror which I removed from the WC. It was originally baby blue and is now a dark grey.

I painted a set of wall hooks and a toy box turquoise. I then hung the hooks onto the wall for storing outdoor jackets etc. The toy box is used for storing outdoor toys.

Toy box and hooks painted turquoise

I sourced two prints from Etsy which tied in with the colour scheme, and I moved a canvas from another room in the house into this room. 

I also hung a wooden bird house from the ceiling using invisible thread.

Hooks, from a while ago on eBay

Cafe curtain, toddler's kitchen and the hanging bird house

Prints from tree hill cloud on Etsy and my painted toy box

Painted mirror, relocated canvas and the toddler's easel

The WC

WC, painted grey and one wall turquoise

I removed two wall cabinets and a mirror, filled the holes (as best as I could!) and sanded any imperfections.

I painted walls a light grey colour (same colour as back porch) with a turquoise feature wall behind the sink. 

I made a pelmet for the window out of fabric from the same range that was used in the kitchen, dining room and back porch. 

I painted the bathroom cabinet dark grey and replaced the handles with some more modern ones from B&Q. 

Priming the old Ikea cabinet (it was originally a baby blue colour)

Nearly there...! That's me in the background in my painting gear!

I also replaced the bathroom accessories with a towel rail, towel hook and toilet roll holder that I purchased from Sainsburys.

I also bought some new turquoise hand towels from Sainsburys along with some new handwash and lotion that matched the colour scheme!

Sink area with new accessories

My new pelmet

My painted cabinet.

In this room I've still to paint the woodwork white (this has been ongoing for some time now!) and I've to find two prints for some Ikea frames that I've bought. 

If I can borrow someone's wide angle lens (Becky or Ali??) then I'll get some better photographs taken to show the transformed rooms.

It's taken a number of months, but I'm nearly finished!!!


  1. I love the fabric you have used to link the rooms together. The prints from etsy are gorgeous and really finish the rooms off. Its so true what you said about once you start doing the house up you can't stop. Thanks for linking up can't wait to see what else you have been up to.
    Cat xx

  2. Hello I love the mirror, I’ve just redecorated my living room and am looking for a mirror, could I ask where I could find one like that please


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