Monday, 16 April 2012

{Things I'm Loving Right Now}

I'm finding that I'm getting back into running. The nice weather is helping lots, as is some better music on my playlist. What a difference in my pace when I have some upbeat tunes to listen to! This week I ran 4 miles on Wednesday evening, 5 miles on Friday evening and then on Sunday morning, even after getting in at 3am from a girl's night out on Saturday, I managed 5.35 miles at running club! My fitness levels are improving and I'm hoping that I will be able to achieve a good time when I run the Half Marathon in May.

As per my 35 at 35 list, I've continued to keep my nails looking nice. My mum always swore by the mantra 'look good, feel good' and I do find that if my hair is nice, my nails are painted and I've got a bit of make-up on I feel much better about myself and feel more confident. Yesterday I treated myself to a new nail polish, and I'll be doing my nails this week in preparation for my daughter's first birthday party at the weekend.

I'm rather enjoying a spot of gardening! I headed off to B&Q the other week and got some helpful advice from one of their members of staff about planting shrubs in pots. I bought a couple of troughs and a few square pots which I have now filled with some plants (I can't remember the name of them though, memory like a sieve!). My son and I also potted some herbs in one of the troughs, and he had fun throwing about the compost! I also had a paintbrush out again and have started to give my fence a lick of paint in preparation for the summer months.


  1. I've just started running again. It's frustrating as I'm starting from scratch with the 'couch to 5km' program but I've really got to take it easy. Tonight I managed a sprint at the end and it felt so bloody good! I had to miss my half marathon last month so I'm hoping to enter another one soon. What running tunes are you listening to?
    Well done on the nails - so dedicated! And the gardening, I am useless at. Weeds love me. xxx

  2. oh i wish i could still run (impossible with a bump!) and i love gardening too, although am utterly useless!!! xxxx

  3. I too wish I could run but I fear with my knee history I would just fall over. I have some new dvds I need to start on to get me back in shape! Am very much squishy and squashed out of shape since Youngling arrived 3 years ago! eek. I too like doing my nails ;-) Not great when doing the Garden though lol xx


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