Monday, 9 April 2012

{Fabulous Finds: iPhone Apps for Kids}

Glasgow Mummy

I thought I would share some of the apps that I have downloaded on my iPhone, specifically those for toddlers. For a while my son was literally obsessed with my iPhone and I couldn't even take a call without him screaming his head off to have a shot. However, he seems to have calmed down now and will happily play a game for 5-10 minutes and then give it back to me...phew! Here are his favourite apps at the moment:

My son loves to fly his little helicopter round the house! The brilliance of this app is that it's not a game... it just turns the iPhone into a little helicopter. 

These interactive stories are fantastic, our current favourite is 'The Lion & The Mouse'. To start with I had to turn the pages myself for my son (it would have been brilliant if there was a 'play this story as a movie' option) but now he is capable of turning the pages on his own. There is also a wide selection to choose from, and my son loves them all.

Each letter has an animation... each touch of the Apple takes a bite out of it, the Dinosaur roars, the Jack in the box pops out... you get the idea! This app also has a 'baby mode' which auto advances each alphabet card in the series.

There are four categories in this peekaboo app: farm, sea, animals and vehicles. Again, this app has a 'play all' feature which auto advances between them - ideal for smaller kiddies. My son laughs his head off when the penguin jumps off the ice into the water! 

And here is my wee boy with my phone... (his squint is really noticeable in this photo - we're being seen at the local hospital for it.  It's thought he is long sighted and needs glasses but the optician has not been able to determine his prescription as he won't co-operate at the moment! I think he's just a little too young. We'll get there eventually...).


  1. Hey hun :-) great blog, my Youngling loves the iPhone. though I don't actually have one he uses his uncles quite often and is a great fan of Angry Birds and Ben The Dog ;-) interesting post xx

  2. That helicopter one is great, too great! I downloaded it after reading this and have now lost mt iPhone to the 5 year old.

  3. Not heard of Ben the Dog - will need to check that out.

    Yes, the helicopter app is great fun! I was showing it to my work colleagues (who don't have children) and they thought I was mental!!


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